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Main citrus fruit data from around the world

The World Citrus Association, along with CIRAD have published the world citrus fruit production statistics for the 21/22 campaign

The Mediterranean basin is the main world exporting region, with 52% of the overall volume. This is followed by South Africa, which holds 20%, Asia with 13% and South America with 11%.

Spain leads the top 10 due to its 3.5 million tonnes marketed outside our borders. Our country is followed by South Africa, Turkey, Egypt and China.

Oranges and mandarins, two key categories

Oranges concentrate the largest world production with over 76 million tonnes. Brazil leads the ranking by countries with 17 million tonnes, most of which are used for industry.

Spain holds the sixth position regarding production, with just over 3.7 million tonnes. We are leaders in exports with 1.6 million tonnes sold outside our borders. Even though it is true that Egyptian production, with 1.3 million tonnes is closing the gap with the Spanish figures every year. Regarding consumption, the Scandinavian countries hold the top position.

World mandarin production has reached 40 million tonnes. China is the largest producer, with 27 million tonnes. In Europe, Spain is the leader once again with a production of 2.2 million tonnes. The exports in this category make up a total of 1.3 million tonnes. Regarding consumption, Russia was the largest mandarin consumer per capita, with slightly over 6.1 kilos/person/year. They were followed by the Scandinavian countries, Japan and France.


In the 2021/2022 season over 9.7 million tonnes were produced around the world. Argentina leads this ranking with almost 2 million tonnes, specifically 1.9 million tonnes. They are followed by Turkey, with 1.5 million tonnes, Spain, with 1.1 million tonnes, the United States with 0.8 million tones and South Africa with 0.6 million tonnes.

The Mediterranean basin leads the ranking as the main lemon export region, where the 700,000 tonnes exported by Turkey stand out, followed by the 565,000 tonnes from Spain.

The Eastern European countries are the main destination for this fruit, with consumption rising to 3 kilos per person/year. This is followed by the USA and Germany.

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