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Leading sustainable growth in Asia’s new avocado markets

Westfalia Fruit, a leading multinational supplier of avocados and a range of fresh vegetables has capped off an exciting year of growth in Asia – in India and China, two of the fastest growing avocado markets in the world, as well as Japan. The company is also forecasting continued market growth across the region into the latter half of the decade.

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The man who came from the east

Ginés García (Torre Pacheco, Murcia, 1961) speaks Polish, Czech, Croatian, Serbo-croatian, some Russian and obviously, English. He returned from the east two years ago, from Eastern Europe, and now it could be said that he lives in Murcia because he now stays overnight in the city more than two days running.

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New challenges for Germany

Last year on these dates, my editorial was titled “Germany resists”, an article clearly alluding to the slow, but still positive growth of the German economic motor, which today evidently would be incorrect.

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Trops is growing in Spain and Portugal

It has invested 6 million euros in the enlargement of its centre in Tavira, and will add the new Trops Cadiz centre. It is also planning an “important extension” of the fresh cut and ready-cooked facilities.

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