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The man who came from the east

Ginés García (Torre Pacheco, Murcia, 1961) speaks Polish, Czech, Croatian, Serbo-croatian, some Russian and obviously, English. He returned from the east two years ago, from Eastern Europe, and now it could be said that he lives in Murcia because he now stays overnight in the city more than two days running.

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A true rugby player

Joaquín Fernández Peláez was born in Valladolid 44 years ago, but his roots come from Burgos and, if you go further back, his ancestors were from Asturias. Physically, he is strongly built, weighing 114 kilos, which rose to 145 at one point. He has known how to take advantage of his body build by playing rugby.

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Mª Fernanda Campa, the perfect hostess

Born in San Xuan d’Amandi, in the municipal district of Villaviciosa, she is an Asturian, born and bred. In fact, when she receives me in her land, even her accent changed and our conversation was full of nouns and verbs that I didn’t understand and that needed to be explained.

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