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Amoresco, added value for romanesco

HM.CLAUSE is reaffirming its commitment to innovation with a variety of orange romanesco cabbage that has outstanding organoleptic qualities The seed company has proposed continuing

Amela®: the essence of La Palma

The sensory revolution of Tomate Amela®, nominated for the Innovation Award at Fruit Logística 2022 Cooperativa La Palma is leading innovation in foodstuffs with quality,

maiz grill low

HUERCASA, guarantee of service

Huercasa will emphasise its year-long guarantee of service in almost 40 countries at Fruit Logistica In spite of the complications for the agrifood sector derived


Sormac presents three new machines

The German trade fair, Fruit Logistica will showcase the presentation of these new models by the Dutch company The machinery manufacturer Sormac will display its

patata nueva

Reduced sowing in Castilla y León

While the first harvests are moving forward in Andalusia, in Castilla y León, the largest producing region of Spain, they are preparing the land for

A double front open

Spanish potatoes, as with the rest of fruit and vegetable categories, are experiencing moments of unease, both regarding production and sales. On the one hand,

Coello joins the Varieties Committee

The Operations Manager from the company from Valladolid Patatas Meléndez, Juan Manuel Coello, has been appointed as an expert on the Spanish National Committee on

International Potato Symposium

Porbatata, the Portuguese potato association is organising these Jornadas that will take place on 3rd and 4th May at Fórum Alcochete, in Portugal. At a



Mercamadrid fully supporting the SDGs

Within the framework of the 2020-22 business strategy, Mercamadrid is working to consolidate itself as a leading food organisation, which is growing parallel to the

melon and watermelon

The least profitable ‘mini’

The increase in competition in the sector has led Coprohníjar to reduce the surface area for smaller watermelons in favour of ‘fat’ ones for the



France is ahead of Spain in bio

The neighbouring country reached 2.5 million hectares in 2020, with 100,000 hectares more than Spain, according to the latest report by the FiBL

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