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A bird’s eye view of La Axarquía

Sigfrido had proposed flying up to the heavens in a gyroplane, a machine that he became infatuated with in full pandemic and which, now, in addition to being a hobby, has become his means of transport because it allows him to save a great deal of time when moving from place to place.

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Miguel Angel Gómez Afruex

The curious technologist

Miguel Ángel Gómez (Badajoz, 1971) is a trained chemist and has great curiosity about all fields related to technology. He has assembled and disassembled his Tesla more than five times and has personally installed the solar panels and batteries for his house.

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Silvia de Juanes

Silvia de Juanes, steely determination

Silvia de Juanes is 42 years old and she is the mother of two girls, Isabel and Carlota. She meets me at Atocha station with Germanic punctuality. From there we go to her house, in the ‘last street of Madrid’, very close to the German School, which her daughters attend.

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Perfil Mariano Zapata

Mariano Zapata, “I’m a bad loser”

Literally born in the countryside (Sucina) in 1963, where his grandparents and his parents worked on the country estate belonging to some aristocrats from Madrid, the Marquis and Marquise of Spínola. By his first birthday, his parents had moved to El Mirador, a village to the north of San Javier, in search of a better life.

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