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In the name of sustainability: plastiKazi

In the name of sustainability, Spain will be the only European country to adopt stupid steps, which have already been turned down by some countries and postponed by others, such as our neighbour Italy. I am referring to the fact that fruit and vegetables in formats of less than one and a half kilos cannot be packaged in plastic.

Profile of the month

carlos ledo idai nature

Carlos Ledó, a serial entrepreneur

We are at the iconic Veles i Vents de la Marina building in Valencia. Bavaria, the sailing catamaran belonging to the professional entrepreneur Carlos Ledó (Valencia, 1974) is moored in front of us.

Citrus fruits

There is no room for ‘small producers’

At the same time as small producers and operators of limited volumes are disappearing, the producers who are best placed and can serve all year long are growing. And in many cases, they do so accompanied by investment funds.

Cañamás: true to its brand quality philosophy

Cañamás Hermanos, one of the Spanish companies that is best-known for its categorical commitment to brand value, will continue being true to its philosophy in spite of the moments of economic uncertainty

brassicas and leaf

top seeds

From Japan to Murcia

Top Seeds continues promoting its broccoli development programme, backed by its Japanese parent company.

Rijk Zwaan Lechuga Snack

Mechanise or die

Efficiency is becoming an increasingly determining factor for business survival, and at Rijk Zwaan they are offering materials that are ‘machinable’ for transplanting and harvesting.


bayer pepino

Seminis’ new QR generation

Vegetables by Bayer is taking a further step in the line of Liga Super Root Non Stop with the Prime Presentation of the first material from its new generation of cucumbers.

interssemillas melon conquistador

Flavour, Intersemillas’ strong point

Aware that the flavour parameter is the most in demand by end consumers, the seed company continues researching to keep this element at the highest level in all its varieties.


Miquel Roig fructicola emporda

“We sell service”

Completely focused on the large distribution sector, Miquel Roig, Manager of Fructícola Empordà, insists that what makes the company he manages stand out is its service.

pink lady

Clubs: exhausted or oversized?

Club apples are no longer a guarantee of success. This is one of the main conclusions reached by European experts at the Pomatec congress held in December in the town of Torroella de Montgrí.


Robotics is speeding up

The main harvesting robot manufacturers are speeding up their times to present the market with the ideal model, which could replace harvesting by hand. The sector is expectant, but there are still many technical loose-ends to be outlined.


ornamental plants

flor de pascua

Almeria, the leader in Poinsettia

Euphorbia pulcherrima, more commonly known as the Poinsettia, plays a starring role at Christmas, and its presence in many households marks the start of the festivities.

jorge solis gerente solisplant

Top speed ornamental plants

Solisplant adapts to the changes in the sector and is trying to surprise consumers with new Poinsettia proposals during the Christmas season. This year they will produce 312,000 units.

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