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91 Issue


12 months and 27 days

Spain is experiencing a prolonged drought, as it is being called by the experts. 12 months and 27 days have passed since the last meeting on the 4th of March, 2022 of the Spanish National Drought Board, which was convened on the 19th of April of this year.

Profile of the month

Miguel Angel Gómez Afruex

The curious technologist

Miguel Ángel Gómez (Badajoz, 1971) is a trained chemist and has great curiosity about all fields related to technology. He has assembled and disassembled his Tesla more than five times and has personally installed the solar panels and batteries for his house.

latest news

semillas fito equipo fitotrón

Genetics that cross borders

The new campaign by Semillas Fitó goes beyond the sector’s usual image, to show that ‘Improving food is in our genes’

Google, Netflix, Tesla and water neutrality

For 2050, there is a forecast of a 40% increase in demand for water. Action must be taken. The need for funding is estimated at up to $ 600,000 million. The solution would involve desalination



Jorge Rodríguez loxa

Loxa has become circular

Through the ‘Oleovaloriza Project’, which has won awards in Brussels, San Isidro de Loxa is reusing sub-products to fertilise its asparagus crops

Ángel Delgado Gallombares

A key year for Los Gallombares

The cooperative is already working in the new building that it will officially open in September. A 10-million euro investment that will increase its operating capacity


Francisco Moya negonor

“The world’s potato needs are very high”

Francisco Moya, Chairman of the French Fresh Potato Interprofessional Association (CNIPT), talked to Fruit Today about the sector’s main challenges, the implications of the important demand for processed potatoes and the drop in seed potato production.

cristina patatas lazaro

Lázaro, unstoppable

In 2008, the company became the first 4.0 industry, and from that point onwards, its evolution has been constant. Today, it has put its sights on process innovation and sustainability.


Planting concluded in Castilla y León

The two speeds of potatoes in Spain coincide this month when Andalusia starts harvesting its first potatoes and Castilla y León, the largest producing region, closes its planting cycle.

Sormac DMA90 with potatoes

The new potato cutter from Sormac

The new machine, which slices the tuber into halves and quarters, has greater capacity, needs less maintenance and obtains improved cutting results

stone fruits

ondine nectarina plana frutaria

Ondine surpasses all expectations

Frutaria is supporting its stone fruit productions all over Spain and it is maintaining a categorical commitment to flat nectarines under the flagship of Ondine


melon and watermelon

Sensorisation project in Fashion

Fashion Watermelon is working with Basf on a project to democratise the use of sensors amongst its associates and to reduce water consumption to a minimum.

Enza Corrales

Melon House Fair is limbering up

Enza Zaden is preparing its annual event with important new developments that are making a difference thanks to flavour, resistances and their commitment to complete ‘All-Year Round’ programmes.

“We will defend out associates”

CASI foresees a start to the campaign with high prices due to the 18% rise in costs. A situation that is forcing these to be passed on in their marketing

melon bayer seminis

New melons from Seminis

Bayer’s brand is extending its offer with Manchester and two varieties from the Cyro Line and Sugarlup ranges


Cultivar continues to grow

The company has experienced a significant expansion within the organised distribution sector, and the Cultipalta project will have new premises in 2023.


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