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miguel angel gomez

The curious technologist

Miguel Ángel Gómez (Badajoz, 1971) is a trained chemist and has great curiosity about all fields related to technology. He has assembled and disassembled his Tesla more than five times and has personally installed the solar panels and batteries for his house.

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Peras en el ábol. Pera Rocha, Portugal

Pera Rocha, Portugal

Last September, the ANP carried out a gastronomic and press tour for journalists, chefs, European and Brazilian bloggers. During the trip, the professionals could discover the characteristics of this highly appreciated fruit on site, going from production to the final preparation by famous chefs. Fruit Today euromagazine had the chance to harvest Rocha Pears directly from the trees at the Quinta da Boavista, as well as visiting the Granfer fruit and vegetable centre.

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Sandía Prestige Syngenta

The niche battle

As happens every year, Campo de Cartagena has been the stage for discovering new melon and watermelon developments first hand from the plant breeders. Incredibly

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