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Germany is resisting

The German economic motor is resisting the challenge of the crisis. The much-feared recession of the largest euro economy is, up to now, an assumption that has not become a reality.

Profile of the month

Silvia de Juanes

Silvia de Juanes, steely determination

Silvia de Juanes is 42 years old and she is the mother of two girls, Isabel and Carlota. She meets me at Atocha station with Germanic punctuality. From there we go to her house, in the ‘last street of Madrid’, very close to the German School, which her daughters attend.


semillas fito equipo fitotrón

Genetics that cross borders

The new campaign by Semillas Fitó goes beyond the sector’s usual image, to show that ‘Improving food is in our genes’

Google, Netflix, Tesla and water neutrality

For 2050, there is a forecast of a 40% increase in demand for water. Action must be taken. The need for funding is estimated at up to $ 600,000 million. The solution would involve desalination


Brocomole Anecoop nominado FLIA

Finalists at the FLIA

This year, there is only one Spanish representative in the innovation awards organised by the German trade fair FruitLogistica.


Tribelli, flavour and 12-month supply

The most extensive portfolio of sweet conical peppers on the market adds new varieties with resistance to powdery mildew and allows a 12-month coverage, also with XL materials.

top seeds Ángel Pelegrina

Top Seeds Ibérica extends its range

The seed company is preparing a worldwide portfolio that includes IR to ToBRFV and it continues to extend its offer in peppers, cucumbers, and now also in broccoli.

Proexport strengthens its lines in Berlin

According to Mariano Zapata, the organisation’s President, “this year our goal is to strengthen the market share held by agriculture from the Region of Murcia and south-eastern Spain in Europe, at the same time as extending sales to other markets outside Europe.”


ecologico italia

Stability of bio in Italy

Italian bio generated 5,000 million euros in sales up to June 2022 and it exported produce for a value of 1,000 million euros, 53% more than in 2021

bejo Citation

More bio at Bejo

The seed company is working to adapt some of its star varieties to ecological crops.


Huelva berry statistics

The official report by the Andalusian Government at the start of the campaign points out that the surface area of strawberry crops has remained stable for many years now.

Cuna de Platero, unstoppable

The activity of the organisation from Moguer never ceases. Its new projects are based on both research and on the technological improvement of its fruit and vegetable preparation centre.

Emcocal ADH-Florida-Pearl®

EmcoCal’s white strawberry

EmcoCal’s Florida Pearl variety is one of the most important new developments to be shown at FruitLogistica 2023. Its most unique characteristic is its white colour.

citrus fruits

Europe is buying less citrus fruit

The current economic situation in Europe has resulted in a flat, tight consumption rate, for virtually all product categories, in both fruit and vegetables.

tropical fruits

Nothing is slowing avocados down

In 2030, world avocado production will reach 12 million tonnes and demand continues to rise. The great challenge is to increase volumes, but there are not many suitable production regions .

Alcoaxarquía Perú

Alcoaxarquía is expanding

The group has created a subsidiary in the Valencian Community, in 2022 it opened some new installations in Peru, and it has achieved a market share in the US and in Asia.

Reyes Gutiérrez lands in Berlin

The company from Malaga continues to back FruitLogistica as a meeting point with its clients. Extending its own surface area is just one of its projects.


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