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A bird’s eye view of La Axarquía

Sigfrido had proposed flying up to the heavens in a gyroplane, a machine that he became infatuated with in full pandemic and which, now, in addition to being a hobby, has become his means of transport because it allows him to save a great deal of time when moving from place to place.


IBMA con Clara Aguilera

Red tape: slowing down Farm to Fork

Time is running out, but the European Commission is still not streamlining the procedures for certifying biocontrol products, which are essential to promote the ‘green’ route.


Suertex SV AC7306

More Curdivex with Suertex

Bayer is completing its cauliflower range under the umbrella brand of Curdivex, with a variety for 100-105 day cycles.

Auxiliary Industry

Italy directly opposes the PPWR

Organisations such as Ortofrutta Italia and Pro Food are joining forces to try to reverse the elimination of packaging set forth in the future EU legislation.

Benedetta Ricci Iamino_Global Category Director for Cherries at TOMRA Food

Tomra is improving cherry processing

TOMRA’s cherry solutions have a great effectiveness in performing every important task on the line: infeed, sorting, grading, filling, packing, and product traceability.

Enrique Soler

FEDEMCO is committed to recycling

The creation of the Ecowoox® brand is an important step forward on this point and it is ahead of the new legislation that will come into effect in 2025




melon and watermelon

stone fruits

Stéphane et Phillipe Buffat

PSB, 25 years serving agriculture

The family-run company, both a plant variety breeder and producer, is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a market leader in the stone fruit variety selection segment (peaches, nectarines and apricots).

cerezas chile

Chile: the world’s export and research centre

Chile is the largest exporter of cherries in the world, with a record-breaking figure of 415,315 tonnes dispatched in the 2022-2023 season and a 16.5% growth compared to the previous campaign
In the September, 2022 USDA report it estimates that cherries are one of the productions with the largest growth worldwide due to the contributions by Turkey and Chile.

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