KWS Hortícolas España is getting ready

KWS, one of the main seed companies in the world, until recently concentrating on sugar beet, corn, cereals, rapeseed and sunflowers, is working to position itself on the fruit and vegetable market.
kws Pablo Fernández-Miranda

In 2019, it started this new line, and in 2021, as part of its growth strategy, it acquired the Italian company, Geneplanta, specialising in tomato seeds.

“In Mexico and Italy, we are way ahead with commercial and pre-commercial varieties. In Almeria, we are carrying out trials with benchmark farmers. One of our top focus points lies in obtaining varieties resistant to ToBrFV, due to the risk this means for the crop worldwide,” states Arturo Chica, a Tomato breeder at KWS Hortícolas España.

In February, KWS acquired 14.5 ha of land in Almeria, where it will locate its world reference centre for fruit and vegetables. In the near future, they will purchase another similar farm in Campo de Cartagena.


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