Sorma’s new vine tomato weighing machine

With this fast, high-performing machine the company provides a solution for automating set-weight tray filling, optimising production times and saving labour.
Sorma Tomato weigher machine 2

At Fruit Logistica, Sorma Group will present its CP810 VW5 combined weighing machine designed to overcome the main difficulties relating to the packaging of cluster tomatoes. As those in the trade are well aware, the most time-consuming, labour-intensive phase in the process is the filling of trays with the right combination of fruit to reach the set weight required by the final customer. “This weighing machine’s innovative concept,” explains Evert-Jan Wassink, Sales Manager of Sorma Benelux, “is that it assists people in completion of a partially pre-filled tray. In practice, the operative part-fills the tray with products by hand, and then depending on the weight reached, the machine finds the best combination for reaching the guaranteed minimum weight and places the missing weight of fruit on the line next to the tray to be completed. The CP810 VW5’s throughput capacity is up to 60 punnets a minute, making it unique on the market.”

The new weighing machine is able to take trays up to 30 cm long and 20 cm wide, saves labour and optimises gross saleable product while eliminating the need for 6 operatives (with two lines working side by side) and preventing the production of overweight trays. It went on the market at the start of this year and the first sales are already being made in the Netherlands and Italy.

“Tomatoes are one of the fruits with the highest consumption rates globally,” comments Mario Mercadini, Marketing Manager of Sorma Group, “but the trade is currently facing a paradoxical situation, with on the one hand staggering rises in production costs, especially for greenhouse-grown products, which have partially been passed on to selling prices, the labour shortage and, on the other, the real risk of a fall-off in demand due to these price increases. Keeping processing costs down is therefore fundamental for maintaining competitiveness.”

The CP810 VW5 weighing machine is also strongly recommended for bunches of grapes can also be used for other products with a shape that does not roll.

Another product showcased in Berlin will be HyperVision, the advanced-technology platform for the Sormatech sorter machine, able to analyse up to 15 pieces of fruit per second, compared to an average of 12 for other solutions on the market. HyperVision functions by means of 9 cameras for each line of the optical sorter machine, 3 colour and 6 Nir (using an analysis method based on matter’s interaction with near infrared radiation). The platform acquires and analyses superimposed hyperspectral images in both the visible and the Nir regions for each fruit, which is turned through 360° underneath the inspection system. This ensures the most accurate selection based on internal and external quality, colour and shape.

In order to present the latest innovations launched on the market to its customers and all trade visitors, Sorma Group will also be organising two information sessions at its stand every day, at which its managers will illustrate operation of the various machines on the screen and explain their distinctive characteristics.

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