Dibal’s productivity control solution

It is a complete hardware and software solution, aimed at companies with hand filling processes, normal in the fruit and vegetable growing and canning sector.

When hand packaging forms part of a company’s production process, it is vitally important to guarantee that each of the packages contains the established amount of produce, within some validity limits.

At DIBAL, they decided to respond to this need by creating a Productivity Control Solution at the workstation for the food industry. Thanks to this, amongst other questions, their clients can guarantee that the hand packaging process of their produce is as strict as possible, confirming that neither less nor more produce is offered in the packages and circumventing the losses that this could mean.

Thanks to the collected data, the solution’s goal is for the companies to be able to define and implement actions that optimise their processes and improve their results.

Some of the Productivity Control Solution’s strong points are: Monitoring the preparation lines and hand filling of containers to carry out a control of the general production, by line and by operator, with measurements of the productivity and efficiency both globally and per unit. The person in charge of the line can analyse the data in real time or use historic data and take decisions without physically moving to the line (management of the productivity, wastage and overfilling and employee presence). The operator does not need to memorise data about the product or the validity limits, as these are established on their display from the management software. It offers the possibility for collecting data both on the company’s server and in the cloud. This second option has the advantage that the data will be accessible from any device with internet access.

Installation and handling

In order to install the Productivity Control Solution, it must be studied in depth. Therefore, it must be installed either by DIBAL’s technical service, or by a distributor who knows the client’s particular situation.

However, one of aspects best cared for by the company is related to the handling of the programme: the solution is intuitive and easy to use because when talking about solutions such as the one for productivity control, it is essential for the client to understand its functionalities in order to be able to obtain the best performance from the tool.

The operator who is at the filling station hardly has to handle the display and the information they see is simple and easy to understand. Furthermore, those in charge of the line or the managers have access to a large amount of information that is relevant to them, but that is presented in a simple way.

The full equipment

The DIBAL Productivity Control Solution at the workstation for the food industry is a complete hardware and software solution.

The hardware includes: VT-600 DIBAL Display for each operator station on the filling line; Dibal platform connected to the VT-600 Display at each operator station; and industrial PC or VT-1200 Display for the control station.

Regarding the software, the Atlantis application collects the information from each VT-600 Display in real time. It can be integrated with the company’s ERP, and it stores this data in the medium selected by the company (own server or cloud).

After two years of work, the first installations have been carried out and client feedback is very positive.

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