Tomra is improving cherry processing

TOMRA’s cherry solutions have a great effectiveness in performing every important task on the line: infeed, sorting, grading, filling, packing, and product traceability.
Benedetta Ricci Iamino_Global Category Director for Cherries at TOMRA Food

Benedetta Ricci Iamino, Manager of the Cherry Category at TOMRA Food explains to Fruit Today magazine how, thanks to their machinery, they can process larger volumes of cherries in the same time period, without affecting the quality.

As the cherries arrive at the packhouse, TOMRA’s solutions start with infeed front-of-line loading systems. Then the company’s revolutionary Cascade Singulator separates cherry clusters with a gentle carrying method and superior cluster separation.

Whereas traditional cluster cutters push cherries at speed to blades, putting the fruit at risk of pitting and bruising, the Cascade Singulator reduces the cherries’ velocity by using a non-motorized water system that decelerates the water flow between each bank of separation. By improving separation location, at the knuckle where two cherries join, the cluster’s center is aligned to achieve clean and even separation without the risk of tearing the cherries. This also reduces maintenance costs and the operational hours usually needed by other systems for cleaning and adjusting the machine.

To optimize capacity when filling each lane, TOMRA’s unique dynamic lane balancing technology allows up to 10-15% more capacity (number of fruits) per lane than other systems. Next, the cherries move along the line for sorting and grading. TOMRA offers the Small Fruit Sorter (SFS) with InVision2 and TotalView Plus to accept, reject, or redirect the fruit for sale at a lower grade according to a wide range of criteria.

The cherries are classified in different sizes complying with the market’s standardised regulations. In turn, they are then classified by colour and faults in their condition, including firmness, plus other cosmetic faults and non-homogeneous colour.

InVision2 with TotalView Plus is the only available inspection technology capable of viewing 100% of the fruit without blind spots and at full production speeds. Compared to other sorters, TotalView’s end-view cameras are located at lower inspection angles and closer to the fruit. Superior image quality improves the identification of nose cracks, stem bowl mildew, and suture splits. Additionally, the Small Fruit Sorter is gentler on the cherries than any other available technology available in the market, using a series of patented systems that transport the cherries in water all the way to the camera for inspection.

Using TOMRA classifiers allows the calibration accuracy by size to be improved, given that it can see differences of just 0.1 mm in the size of the cherries. This does not only satisfy consumers, but it also maximises the cherry processers’ profits, as the difference in price between the cherry sizes can range between 12 and 25% on some markets.

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