Koppert, the fastest pollination with Natupol Sprint®

Koppert’s new hive encourages bumblebees to work harder from the very beginning, even in high temperatures.
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Faster and better. This is how Natupol Sprint® the new bumblebee hive developed by Koppert works, which is particularly indicated for use during the hottest months of the year. The completely revolutionary design of the hive’s nest, with an exclusive breeding system, obtains surprising results never seen before in pollination in high temperatures.

The Natupol Sprint® bumblebees start working from the very beginning, after the hive has been placed in the crop and they keep up this intense rate of activity for three or four weeks. Consequently, they visit more flowers in less time and obtain a faster and more uniform pollination that is finally translated into a generalised setting and in the forming of fruit with a homogeneous calibre.

Recommended for tomatoes

The exceptional characteristics of Natupol Sprint® make it the ideal hive for tomato pollination, as it adapts perfectly to the crop’s needs. Natupol Sprint® offers excellent pollination, in spite of the fact that in south-eastern Spain, the first weeks of flowering of greenhouse tomatoes coincide with a very hot period and a scarcity of pollen. Due to its excellent yield and to being a fast-acting hive, Natupol Sprint® is also the perfect hive for any protected crop with a short flowering period that needs to be pollinated with high temperatures, such as red berries, for example.

Koppert’s new hive is the result of a sophisticated production process, specially designed to ensure that the bumblebees are at the optimum moment in their life cycle when they reach the fields. Koppert recommends making orders with enough notice and avoiding storage to ensure that Natupol Sprint® arrives at the end client with all its work potential intact.

We are associating with Nature to find safe and healthy growth methods. We have been pushing agricultural innovation forward for over 50 years. Our holistic approach makes us stand out: it improves plant health, both on the surface and in the subsoil. All our solutions move towards a single goal: 100% sustainable agriculture,” sources from Koppert indicate.

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