A Bouquet watermelon campaign with new developments

Anecoop and its associate watermelon producers are now finalising the preparations for the commercial and marketing campaign that is about to start.
Carlos Nemesio

According to the category’s Product Manager, Carlos Nemesio, the weather conditions to date have been ideal for the first plantations, with a vegetative growth and an implantation corresponding to a normal period.

Regarding the problem of the drought, Anecoop is announcing new developments that involve a diversification project, as the water shortages are not the same in all the production areas.

Nemesio trusts in recovering the production volumes of two campaigns ago, and in the fact that the summer temperatures all over Europe will encourage consumption, as happened in 2022, given that the Spanish product is highly appreciated and is in great demand.

Likewise, he indicates that, although productions costs have dropped slightly compared to the previous campaign, they are still much higher than those of recent years. This is something that the sales team is transmitting to the clients, making them aware of the difficult situation in the fields.

Lastly, he explains that once again, this year they will make an important investment in promotion, using off-line and on-line means to reach the professional channel and the end consumers with their Bouquet watermelons.

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