Cultivar continues to grow

The company has experienced a significant expansion within the organised distribution sector, and the Cultipalta project will have new premises in 2023.

Fruit Today magazine talked to Sandra Sitjar, an executive from the company, who explained this development to us.

The Cultipalta project was born one month before lockdown. How has it developed?

Cultipalta is a project that is highly specialised in avocados and mangos, and it is progressing rapidly; in fact, we are in the middle of the construction process of an 8,000 square-metre warehouse in Barcelona that will allow us to considerably increase the volumes marketed. We foresee it being finished during the spring of 2024. Cultipalta is a specialised company and for this reason it has professionals who are dedicated solely to these produce categories.

Have we reached the ceiling in avocado and mango consumption, or do you think there is still room for growth?

The market has mature categories, such as some apple varieties, but avocados and mangos have broken onto the market very strongly and they still have a long way to go, particularly on the Spanish market.

The mango category, thanks to imports by air, has moved forward a great deal and the end consumer now recognises the best quality mangos and varieties. With the different sources, including Spanish mangos, we can offer produce 365 days a year.

I consider that the avocado is a well-established fruit, which is almost “addictive” and is very popular in young households, to the extent that it has lost its exotic nature. In any event, we have not yet reached the consumption figures of other countries such as France, which indicates that this category still has room for significant growth.

What other categories are seeing a considerable increase?

Cultivar continues to grow in all its categories, but we are seeing special interest in products such as papayas and kiwis, particularly yellow kiwis. There are two types of people: green kiwi eaters, a group that is also growing, and a differentiated consumer who prefers yellow kiwis because they are sweeter and have a juicy, appealing texture. Yellow kiwi penetration in households is truly outstanding at present.

The organised distribution sector has become a solid pillar of the company in Mercamadrid. How has this been achieved?

It involves working over a long period of time, but it is also particularly a question of service. We have all the tools to give this service, with an efficient packaging plant, ready for any demand, for both regional and national chains.

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