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Bio Campojoyma is tripling its premises

In this way it intends to extend its capacity to supply the increasing demand for its 100% ecological produce.

Last summer the company from Almeria, Bio Campojoyma carried out an important enlargement of its installations, tripling the surface are of its headquarters, located in Campohermoso. Additionally, over the past few months it has been modernising its machinery, adding new work lines for tomatoes to increase its production capacity and it has installed new machines for calibrating, washing and packaging peppers. The premises in El Ejido will be used as a loading and unloading centre for the producers from the western Almeria region, giving logistical support for produce such as watermelons, melons and cabbages.

These actions are aimed at being able to meet the increase in the demand by its clients 12 months of the year. And the fact is that the company specialising in ecological produce is experiencing a boom: in this campaign alone it has increased its production and invoicing by almost 30%. Amongst its main produce are peppers and tomatoes, although the company cultivates a wide range of crops, including cucumbers, courgettes, aubergines, melons, watermelons and Chinese cabbage. Alongside the large scale fruit and vegetable crops such as California peppers and vine tomatoes, it has specialities with which it intends to differentiate itself from the other companies in the sector, such as the ribbed Rebellion-type tomatoes and they are not hesitating to add interesting new developments that attract consumers to the supermarket shelves. Examples of this are the black pear tomatoes (new this year); yellow or orange cherry tomatoes and Cordoba round black pear tomatoes from Top Seeds.

In 2016/17 Bio Campojoyma plans to market 35 million kilos of fruit and vegetables from its 265 hectares of cropland. Alongside its ecological production, it has a biodynamic product line, which is incorporating new farms every year.

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