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Europe urgently needs to talk about food (as does Spain)


In just a few weeks, the European economy has become a hostage of a war criminal, who not only invades Free States, tearing cities and civil settlements apart, but who also is turning the world economy upside down, along with the micro-economy of our pockets.

And what could be just as serious is that he is blurring our food arena as we know it. Now, the agrifood sector (fruit and vegetables) must outline a new trade map around the world, with unforeseeable consequences for countries such as Spain, where the sector is essential to the economy.

In our country, added to this is the dissatisfaction of the rural world, which has deep-seated problems from prior to the pandemic and to which, in mid-2021, one after another, the different increases in costs began to appear. Today, the baggage is even heavier because the war also has found a place on the farmers’ and livestock owners’ accounts.

On Sunday, the 20th of March, over 200,000 people, in an orderly and peaceful way, showed their relevance in Madrid. They demanded urgent steps, very urgent steps. The reaction of the Spanish Government, at the time of writing, has been minimal because it does not understand the word URGENCY. What is more, I would dare to affirm that there is little or no link to the reality of the fields.

The city-dwellers in their offices have not realised that you shouldn’t play with your food. There are many fronts open, but Europe and Spain must wake up and obtain food sovereignty, because the wars and pandemics are no longer things that happen to other people in other places. They belong to us.

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