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Natural Tropic continues to increase its volumes of conventional and bio avocados due to its commitment to its own production.

The excellent annual balance sheet that the company from Malaga obtained in 2016, with a growth of around 35%, going from 22 million euros in 2015 to 30 million last year, confirms the good work performed by Natural Tropic. The company has managed to become one of the top examples in the sub-tropical fruit sector in just 10 years, where one of its main virtues lies in giving priority to its own production to be able to perform exhaustive quality control. With good reason, every year the company increases its cropland and between last year and 2017 alone it has added another 150 hectares. “We want to be a reference for our own production; we already have 250 hectares and we are going to continue to invest in this area”, states its manager, Prudencio López.

Avocados are the company’s main product (along with custard apples, mangos and kumquats), and currently almost a quarter of the volumes that it markets are ecological crops. In addition to the fresh production, for the past couple of years it has been producing a line of processed avocado (guacamole), which is increasing. This product is made every day to be able to supply it with maximum freshness to Spain and the surrounding countries and it is offered in different versions: mild and spicy flavours, as well as in the ecological version. Apart from all of the above, the company has recently extended its installations by another 2,000 m², and ripening rooms and new machinery have been incorporated to increase its handling and packaging capacity, allowing the range of formats on offer to be extended, adapting to each and every one of its clients’ requirements.

Natural Tropic started out with a firm exporting vocation. It is completely consolidated in the main European sub-tropical consumer countries, such as France, England, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland and Scandinavia and it has clients in more distant destinations such as Canada and South America.


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