Biosabor is launching a low-salt line

Fruit Logistica will see the official presentation of its new line of pre-cooked produce.

Even healthier products that are suitable for all kinds of consumers. This is the concept behind the new developments by the company from Almeria, Biosabor: a line made up of gazpacho, a salmorejo and two juices (tomato and pomegranate and cherry tomato), which is low in sodium, where “great flavour and their healthy properties” stand out, explains the company’s chairman, Francisco Belmonte. Visitors to the Messe will be able to discover the goodness of these products first hand, along with other recent developments such as fresh papaya and a new black Raf tomato from HM Clause that will be marketed exclusively in the “eco” version.

Since last October, Biosabor has been marketing papayas grown in Almeria. More and more companies are backing this tropical fruit, and Biosabor, in addition to incorporating it to its range of fresh produce, all of which are “eco”, is also developing pre-cooked products. In its eagerness to promote this fruit, the Mediterranean Papaya Association was established, aimed at “organising the producers to ensure a good development of the plantations (varieties, characteristics of the plants, crop protection…), ensuring top quality and endeavouring to guarantee that its essence is not undermined”, Belmonte explains.

Amongst Biosabor’s recent achievements is the construction of its new headquarters. A modern building that was designed following its philosophy of environmental respect and social responsibility. The heart of this complex is the handling room, covering 5,000 metres, with a design that gives priority to natural light and an open plan layout and a cooling system that works using back pressure, encouraging the regulation of the humidity (perfect for maintaining the produce in optimum conditions and also for the workers’ wellbeing), and preventing the entry of dust and other micro-elements. This system, which is very similar to the one used in smart greenhouses, and the company’s commitment to solar energy (it makes up 30% of its electricity consumption), are just two examples of Biosabor’s eco-efficient nature.

Aware of the importance of constant innovation, Biosabor has launched new concepts such as winter gazpacho, which has taken this healthy food one step further, taking the seasonal factor out of its consumption and adding new ingredients to it. It also offers the Traditional Gluten-free and Low in Sodium version, as well as a wide range of fresh produce and other pre-cooked products such as salmorejo, tomato sauce and juices, the recipes for which are reviewed and improved periodically to adapt to the consumers’ tastes.

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