CASSAROSA®, the flavourful grooved one


Spanish consumers recognise the unmistakable flavour and aroma that is so characteristic of the Yuksel Seeds variety.

For the first time, consumers have granted CASSAROSA® the prestigious FLAVOUR OF THE YEAR award, highlighting it way above the competition in appearance and flavour. This tomato is characterised by its grooved shape and its pearly pink colour, which give it a unique personality, in addition to standing out particularly due to its sweet flavour that is perfectly balanced with its good acidity, always accompanied by its unmistakable aroma that makes consumers recall the most traditional tomatoes.

“We have worked for years to recover the traditional, fresh, aromatic flavour of tomatoes and making it also into a fleshy, succulent bite, without noticing the skin, sweet and with just the right amount of acidity, giving it a powerful aftertaste that invites consumers to repeat. We wanted the consumer experience to be complete and we believe that we have achieved this, offering a clear differentiation on the market, and this is what this award recognises,” comments Fabio Andrés Coullet, Global Product Management Leader at Yuksel Seeds.

Its firm flesh and excellent conservation rate make CASSAROSA® into the ideal tomato for including in any recipe, providing a flavour and a touch of freshness that help to emphasise and make each meal unforgettable.


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