Orri Mandarins: once again, unbeatable


Orri mandarins continue to stand out on aspects as important as price in the fields, fresh, impacting image, spectacular promotion campaigns and, obviously, an exclusive variety management

For Orri, the 2022 campaign has started off with better figures than the previous years. The first transactions of the year have reached an average of 1.2 €/kg in the fields (according to the Lonja de Cítricos), a record price that is maintaining the trend from previous campaigns. These figures mean a lifeline for the producers who this year, are facing up to the uncertainty of the market owing to a slight decrease in citrus fruit consumption, the slowing down of the demand and the increase in production costs.

It should not be forgotten that in addition to their price, Orri mandarins are unique due to their extraordinary flavour and good peeling and conservation conditions. These characteristics are intrinsic to their DNA, turning Orri into an unrivalled variety.

From Orri Running Committee (ORC), the association of producers of this variety, a very good Orri campaign is expected, with an increase in production volume of around 18% compared to the previous one. Additionally, the forecast shows that the calibres will be large, even better than in the previous campaign and with a good demand by consumers because Orri mandarins are becoming increasingly well-known and appreciated.

Great prospects

Amongst the goals marked out by ORC for 2022, strengthening their commitment to the chain of value and to sustainability stand out. These are some of the values that are branded on Orri mandarins and that respond to consumers’ concerns, who are demanding responsibility by the agrifood companies, both economically with good returns for the farmers and in quality, food safety and environmentally-friendly practices.

Recent studies, such as the MPAC’s consumer habits survey, indicate that consumers are increasingly more concerned about the source of products, with a rising trend in consuming local produce, due to their values regarding social responsibility, along with healthy aspects. Orri mandarins respond to all these concerns.

During this year the promotion campaign will be reinforced through information. Orri mandarins, unlike other varieties that can be developed in third countries with lower production costs than on the Spanish market, in the Mediterranean arc can only be legally grown in the EU and in their country of origin, Israel, which encourages fair returns for farmers. Additionally, this means a guarantee for consumers, as they have the certainty of acquiring a product grown using European quality standards and without any residues of pesticides that are not authorised in the EU.

These same market surveys indicate that social media and labelling are the main information channels used by consumers to improve their knowledge about the product. Accordingly, ORC, dealing personally and directly with farmers, preparation centres, distributors and points of sale, is reaching agreements to improve and increase the identification of Orri mandarins at the points of sale, guaranteeing greater transparency about the source of the product and in this way helping consumers, quickly and easily, to find out the source of the Orri mandarins on the market.

Social media and the digital environment are the channels chosen by most consumers to find information about nutrition and healthy lifestyle habits and, for this reason, ORC is going to continue opting for increasing awareness about Orri mandarins using these mediums. Orri is already the mandarin variety with greatest presence on social media with over 1,200 followers.

Committed to the environment and healthy lifestyle habits

ORC is firmly committed to caring for the environment and the building of a better world. For this reason, it wants to emphasise the premium nature of this variety, not only through its sustainability qualities, as it is a product grown in our country, reducing the carbon footprint, or its excellent natural conservation that reduces food waste, but because it also acts through social awareness, encouraging the use of packaging that is more and more sustainable at meetings held with the main operators in the sector.

During the recent Christmas period, it took part in the food waste campaign developed by AGR Food Marketing. This campaign used a series of public actions, carried out in some of the main squares of the most important cities of this country, to try to make society aware of the food waste that occurs during the Christmas celebrations.

ORC maintains its commitment to this healthy lifestyle and to sport, with the renewal of its collaboration agreement with Valencia Basket. In 2022 the collaboration with Valencia Basket will continue with the different activities for children that it organises, such as the basketball campus or the international tournaments, where healthy lifestyle habits will be encouraged amongst the younger generations.

Alongside the professionals: the greengrocers

The promotion campaign in the professional area, which last year covered 83 stands in wholesale markets in Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Zaragoza and over 8,000 greengrocers, will have the over 20 stands in Mercasevilla added to it. Therefore, this year Orri will reach over 10,000 specialised greengrocers all over Spain. To do this, ORC will rely on an extensive team of promoters who will give out promotional kits and variety identification elements to all the retailer clients who buy Orri mandarins for their greengrocer stores.

This action will be finished off with the presence of the powerful promotion image of Orri mandarins on billboards, advertising panels and digital screens on these wholesale markets with an estimated scope of 37,000 hits in the specialised target group of the distribution professionals.

Additionally, they want to be alongside the professionals at the points of sale, working hand in hand with them, informing and training them, valuing their commitment and rewarding their effort. In this way, Orri will give three marvellous prizes to the greengrocers who in 2022 work alongside the Orri campaign identifying the produce at the points of sale and passing on their knowledge about Orri mandarins to their clients.

The spectacular mandarin variety

The Orri variety is chosen due to its supreme quality, virtually seedless and its fine, blending, very juicy texture. The fruit, of a good size, with soft and smooth skin, deep orange in colour, are easy to peel, although the skin is highly resistant and firm, giving it optimum conservation both on the trees and in the post-harvest period; a characteristic that allows the fruit to be conserved naturally in excellent conditions between the months of January and May.

Let the show begin

During the current campaign, Orri mandarins continue to back the powerful image it premiered last campaign, which is giving very good results. In this way, it is trying to strengthen its goal of transmitting the excellent qualities of this mandarin, making it a reflection of its prestige and quality.

This image, inspired by the aesthetics used for orange and mandarin posters from the 1920s and 1930s, with nods to the world of fashion publishing, won awards at the ADG Laus Design Awards, in the art in photography Direction category.

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