The pioneer grated tomato by Bonnysa has renewed its recognition


Once again, the fresh, natural grated tomato from Bonnysa has been subjected to consumer judgement and it has managed to win the award in 2022

The score reached in all the aspects has been highly satisfactory, allowing Bonnysa to once again win the award against other options from the competition.

With over 15 years on the market, Bonnysa was a pioneer in the development and launching of this product on the Spanish market, responding to the demand by consumers for a fresh, natural flavour, but in a convenient product. From this moment onwards, the product has been constantly growing and has become the favourite of consumers since then, appearing in supermarkets all over Spain.

Jorge I. Brotóns, Sales Manager at Bonnysa emphasises that “with this new milestone, consumers are reaffirming their preference for our fresh, innovative products and they are encouraging us to continue working on new references following a pattern that the company established in 2006 with the launch of fresh grated tomato. It makes us proud to be able to continue relying on our consumers’ confidence.”

“This award is the recognition of all the work that has been developed at Bonnysa. From the moment we plant the tomatoes until we grate them, we look after all the details in order to be able to meet our consumers’ expectations, ensuring that we continue to be the reference in their shopping baskets due to the quality, flavour and freshness of our product,” Brotóns continued.

Since last year, Bonnysa has extended its range of grated tomato with new recipes and formats. Flavours such high grated with oil and pepper have already found their place on the supermarket shelves, with progressive sales and as a complement to the original recipe. The Horeca formats have also gained important acceptance on the channel thanks to the versatility that they provide.

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