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3 prizes for Grupo Caparrós

premio caparros

Once again, consumers have recognised the group’s good work with the Flavour of the Year 2022 going to the Lobello cherry tomato, the Premium Caparrós watermelon and La Gergaleña Natural Grated Tomato with AOVE

Caparrós and La Gergaleña, both belonging to the Grupo Caparrós, have obtained the best endorsement from Spanish consumers at the Flavour of the Year 2022 awards.

For the fourth year running, after obtaining the distinction in 2019, 2020 and 2021, the Lobello Cherry Tomato has once again won the award, becoming one of the best-flavoured products chosen by Spanish consumers due to its perfect balance between sweetness and acidity, its smooth, delicate fleshiness, its penetrating aroma and the intensity of the taste it leaves in the mouth.

For Pedro Caparrós, Manager of Grupo Caparrós, this distinction has a special value, “upholding this recognition for four years running before the most demanding jury, consumers, strengthens our clear commitment to flavour and quality.”

Another of its products, the seedless watermelon, Caparrós Premium also won the prize for the fourth year running as Flavour of the Year 2022. Sources at the company affirm that “it can be said, without any doubt, that this watermelon gives credit to its slogan: The Red with best Flavour.” This very special watermelon can be enjoyed from the end of April to mid-October as its unique quality and flavour are maintained throughout the entire campaign.

In the case of La Gergaleña Natural Grated Tomato with AOVE, it has upheld its title for the second time, standing out as the best in its range. According to Pedro Caparrós, “this award once again recognises the good work of our line of minimally processed products, thanks to the effort to obtain quality, safe products, with organoleptic properties that meet consumers’ demands, goals that have been reached thanks to the use of top quality natural ingredients, amongst which tomato and extra virgin olive oil stand out.”

Additionally, La Gergaleña has implanted sustainable initiatives including water saving in its processes, using produce from local suppliers or the promotion of the economic development of the surrounding area as curbs to Climate Change and depopulation. All of this, added to its commitment to the R&D of new products as is reflected by its line of chilled products that already include other references such as Natural Grated Tomato and ‘Tumaca’ fresh crushed tomato.

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