Gabaceras bananas, eight-time winner

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The Premium brand from Europlátano has once again managed to revalidate this award, which recognises products that stand out due to their flavour

 Gabaceras bananas have once again received recognition by consumers with the Flavour of the Year 2022 award. This award evaluates the flavour, appearance, aroma, texture and the satisfaction in general. and it is the eighth time that the Premium brand from Europlátano has won it.

In the case of Gabaceras, the complete report of the tastings reveals very high satisfaction scores in all the aspects evaluated.

A benchmark for Canary Island bananas

Gabaceras has become consolidated as a benchmark for Canary Island bananas, differentiated in quality and flavour and grown by hand, respecting farmers, workers and the environment. This is how Antonio Javier Luis Brito, Managing Director of Europlátano explains it to us: “Our production process encompasses a series of differentiating elements in the growing, packaging, transporting and ripening processes to obtain a texture and a quality that generate confidence in consumers. Now, in addition, it has an added value and that is the extraordinary work that has been carried out by our farmers and workers since the beginning of the volcanic crisis on the island of La Palma.”

But becoming a distinguished brand, recognised by the most important wholesalers and supermarket chains in Spain, would not have been possible without its great human capital, who work towards obtaining a fruit with the best quality and flavour that is environmentally-friendly. “The farmers are the first who work on the farms alongside the technical department, looking after the produce to give it the quality, appearance and flavour that make it stand out on the supermarket shelves,” Brito explains to us.

The mild, sub-tropical climate of the Canary Islands also affects the fruit. Its location closer to the European market allows, amongst other things, for the degree of ripeness to be reached little by little, with the fruit remaining on the plants for 6 months. This gives the bananas a greater degree of ripeness, flavour and aroma that cannot be achieved in any other location. The Canary Island bananas also meet all the healthcare and European labour legislation standards.

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