New dynamic in South Africa for Agro Selections Fruits after the signing of a master license with Sapo Trust

AGRO SELECTIONS FRUITS (ASF) – also known as «Maillard genetics» – has been working for decades to obtain new and improved varieties of peaches and nectarines with round and flat fruit, with white, yellow and highly pigmented flesh as well as cherries, apricots and apples.

Recognized for its worldwide development of varieties with a very high taste value in round peaches and nectarines, the company is now working very actively to meet the concept of «eating better, eating healthy» by offering rustic varieties requiring less chemical treatments. It also offers ranges of «snaking» varieties with
flat fruit, or bleeding flesh. The launch of its first scab-resistant apple CANDINE® with exceptional organoleptic and storage qualities also meets consumer expectations.

In South Africa, where ASF has been present since 2005, many of these varieties have been introduced in order to bring ever greater competitiveness to operators.
Today, after the experimentation time required to confirm their adaptation, ASF signed an agreement with SAPO TRUST, which will be responsible for the development of the ASF varieties and the REGAL’IN™ concept in South Africa.

SAPO TRUST, established in 1974 as The South African Plant Improvement Organization, operates since 1999 under the name of SAPO TRUST. This company has experience and expertise in the field of fruit variety management, and therefore an acute knowledge of the South African context in this area.

Convinced of the success of the ASF varieties, but also of the REGAL’IN™ concept developed by REGAL’IN EUROPE, SAPO TRUST has approached ASF to take charge of the management and development of the ASF varieties in South Africa. It is therefore a win-win partnership that has just been formalized in Madrid during the FRUIT ATTRACTION 2018 fair.

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