Top quatily European Kanzi® apples are back

Kanzi® kicks of the European apple season by successfully bringing top quality apples to the supermarket shelves. Helped by the long, extremely sunny summer across Europe, Kanzi® growers have reported a good flowering-period and expect high quality, super tasty apples for the coming season.
After 152 days of growth and maturation, our Kanzi® apples are ready to once again seduce consumer tastebuds from the shelves of the supermarkets. Kanzi’s characteristic red colour, juiciness, crispiness and balance of sweet and tangy flavours are perfectly suited to the preferences of consumers in the UK and all over Europe.
Year-round availability

One of the spearheads of the Kanzi brand has been its availability. With the support and dedication of more than 1,600 Kanzi® growers worldwide, and a specialised, dedicated quality team, the managed variety is available year-round. Bert Blokzijl, Global Kanzi® Variety Manager: ”We are on a level where the supply from the Southern Hemisphere closes the summer gap in Europe. The dedication of the Kanzi® growers and the good growing conditions promise excellent quality of the new crop for the coming season.”
Power of Great Taste
This year Kanzi® is launching a new exciting pan-European campaign: The Power of  Great Taste. The campaign’s objective is to communicate the unique taste of Kanzi® and promote the Kanzi® experience to a wider consumer audience. This year’s campaign will be the biggest yet and include; large consumer reward programs, Spotify campaigns, Social campaigns and tastings and samplings around Europe. The brand aims to keep inspiring consumers to try Kanzi® and experience The Power of Great Taste.

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