An extensive variety range

Seminis will present a sample of its best tomato materials and rootstocks, with high quality solutions in all the different types

Seminis-De Ruiter will be present at Fruit Attraction with an extensive catalogue of tomato varieties and rootstock. In its green range, they will bring Caramba, Anairis and Basilea, and Jack for Northern Spain. In vine tomatoes, Laujar and Ventero, Retinto and Mayoral will all have their space. And for loose tomatoes, different regions of Spain will be represented with Boludo, Doroty, Bateyo, Calabardina and Calero.

Cherry tomatoes will also have their place with Round varieties such as Lupitas and SV0948TS (yellow) and the pear type cherry tomatoes, Santawest and Granwest. Likewise, visitors will be able to taste varieties with excellent flavour such as Strabena, Delisher and Juanita on their stand (9F14A).

In the De Ruiter rootstock line, they will show the most consistent range on the market and the new generation with greater production and protection with varieties such as Beafort, Dyanafort, Multifort, Balancefort, Maxifort, Vitalfort and DR0141TX.

But tomatoes will not be the only stars. As far as peppers for Almeria area concerned, Seminis will have the largest range for the autumn, where the varieties of Lamuyo Brito, Baquero and SV5581PH will stand out. In California they will exhibit the orange Quirón for autumn plantations, as well as the varieties SV1204PB (red, excellent quality and resistance on the plant) and Tormes (yellow with extraordinary production and early harvesting and resistance on the plant). Additionally, for Murcia they will have Tallante (yellow California) and Ardanza (red California).

In melons, Seminis demonstrate once again the Almeria varieties that are grouped together in their campaign ‘Almería es sabor’(Almeria is flavour): such as SV5133MG in Galia, Chester in Yellow Melono, Sugarlup in Cantaloupe and Fenway in Watermelon, in addition to the speciality Orange Candy, its yellow melon with orange flesh. Finally, for Murcia its Cyroline line will stand out with SV5133MG, Verdasco and Robredo, and for Castilla-La Mancha its piel de sapo varieties such as Fonseca.

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