Avocado and Mango AURUM on the streets of Ciutat Comtal

For some time now, Barcelona residents have been able to contemplate the image of the delicious AURUM Avocados and Mangoes while walking around their city.
Rotulación traseras camiones

The reason is the presence of the brand on the signage of food distribution trucks of our client and collaborating partner in this action, KIMON FRUITS, which travel the streets of Barcelona on their daily deliveries to retail establishments.

AURUM’s eye-catching and colourful graphics are reflected in the signage, helping pedestrians and drivers quickly identify the brand, who can then find the exclusive brand’s products at their usual points of food purchase.

AURUM Avocados and Mangoes are of EXTRA quality, being carefully selected and pre-ripened by our expert ripening team so that the consumer can purchase them at the optimal point of consumption.


CMR is a company with more than a century in the fruit and vegetable trade and currently with the fifth active generation. Its correct management has allowed the company to achieve, over the years, sustained growth together with its partners, producers in origin who have found in CMR Group the ideal platform to market their products and brands. On the other hand, more than 4,000 currently active customers have at their disposal a supplier that offers them a range of high-quality products from all over the world, with a constant supply guaranteed through its parent company FRUITS CMR, as well as its national and international subsidiaries, covering the European wholesale market as a whole.

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