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The disruptive campaign “Look after yourself as apples look after you,” by AGR Food Marketing

The Spanish consultancy company, with over 35 years of experience in strategy, marketing and communication for the Spanish agrifood sector, has started up an innovative campaign for promoting apple eating. With the message “Look after yourself as apples look after you” the campaign will promote healthy habits amongst their target group: young people.
agr afrucat

The creativity of the new campaign from Afrucat will leave nobody indifferent, in a sector that tends to aim its messages at the more mature family members in charge of shopping with a traditional message. Behind this are the companies Giropoma Costa Brava, Empordà, Girona Fruits and Nufri, and their aim is to manage to make the younger groups in society to eat the fruit they need, amongst them European-sourced apples, talking to them using their own codes. To do this, the campaign will deploy its message on all kinds of channels, aimed at consumers, retailers and wholesalers, including television.

An initiative that has arisen to draw young people to eat fruit in a stable way. Its main challenge is to reach the new generations, within a food market that is full of continuous new developments, exotic produce, food complements and, in general, products that can be seen to be more attractive, but less natural, beneficial and healthy than fruit from the EU. It is a challenge for society as a whole: the problems of overweight and obesity have become a worldwide epidemic. This is the reason for the importance of promoting a greater presence of natural products amongst the new generations. The increase in fake news (such as the fact that fruit is fattening, that it contains a great deal of sugar, etc.) make the information about the habits that must be found in a balanced diet even more necessary.

Fruit and vegetables are the perfect allies against diabetes and obesity, according the Spanish National Strategic Plan for the reduction of childhood obesity (2022 – 2030). The Ministry of Health and the AESAN refer to the nutritional statements from the annex of the (EC) regulation Nº1924/2006. An apple weighing around 160 g with its peel provides us with 4.1 g of fibre, meaning that it is a source of this nutrient that is highly beneficial for bowel transit.

Nutritional improvements

With all this scientific evidence available, the campaign challenges millenials and centennials to look after themselves as an apple looks after us. Using a casual, fun and very direct tone, in the campaign “Cuídate como te cuidan las manzanas” (Look after yourself as apples look after you), the apples themselves, as expert nutritionists, will promote balanced habits amongst young people. Increasing the consumption of apples in their daily lives means improving their health both for today and for tomorrow.

In the words of Manel Simón, Afrucat’s Manager: “Thanks to this campaign we want to bring the benefits of our products to the younger generations, to ensure that fruit and vegetables become increasingly more present in all Spanish households and they are an essential element in a balanced diet.”

The new campaign plans to reach 135.5 million contacts through the media plan. Different actions will be carried out during the three years it will last. On the one hand, the site, has been created with its own audiovisual elements. A press and public relations office will also be started up that will develop editorial content about balanced life habits. Furthermore, events and actions with influencers will be developed, as well as an advertising campaign in the mass media. Parallel to this, POS (Point of Sale) advertising will be displayed to involve the entire professional channel. The combination of a full agenda of initiatives is placed at the service of this groundbreaking communication campaign, born from the sum of the efforts made by the entire apple sector, along with the experience of AGR Food Marketing.


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