Nadorcott, the best bet on late season mandarin


Nadorcott is an exceptional and unmatched late season mandarin. At the CVVP , we are concerned about guaranteeing the satisfaction of our growers and associates and we take to the streets to ask them.

The testimonials of these growers and marketers can be heard in the video published on their website at the link In the meanwhile, in this article we would like to share some of the reasons that our players highlight as extraordinary values and that confirm that, year after year, Nadorcott is a profitable and pleasing mandarin.

From the grower’s point of view, the first aspect to highlight is the climate

“The climate we have in Spain is, we believe, optimal for producing Nadorcott for two reasons, the main one being the temperature differential between night and day, which makes the sugar-acidity ratio possible and Europe likes that acid touch.

In addition, this climate also allows the color to be that pleasant reddish color. A very intense red and an exceptional organoleptic quality.

Nadorcott yields much more than other varieties, it is very vigorous and has a production capacity that no other variety has.

It is also a very easy to grow variety, withstands cold, heat and extremes and works in almost any climate, even extreme.

Producing Nadorcott has marked a turning point for us, it has given us back the illusion of agriculture, we know that we are going to sell and sell well. That is very important. It is worth every penny invested in it, more than worth it”.

The commercial testimony

Nadorcott has a very long sales period, it may be the mandarin with the longest sales period, it goes from January to April, although volumes run out earlier. In fact, if there were more volumes it could, in some areas, be extended until May.

At the organoleptic level, it is a very homogeneous fruit and, in addition, it has a very important amount of juice, which makes you have an explosion of flavor in your mouth.

It is very important, as we have already mentioned, the balance between sugar and acidity, the acidity makes that this fruit is not water with sugar, giving a very good balance to the citrus”.

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