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Planasa, with a pioneering hanging tip nursery for the northern European market


Planasa, European leader of the horticultural sector, has developed a pioneering hanging tip nursery which will serve the northern European market, and which stands out for its earliness, safety, and adaptability to any new-generation plant.

Planasa, which from the very outset has always placed innovation at the heart of its activities, has been developing new projects for years with the aim of strengthening its presence in Europe. On this occasion, this tip nursery will allow the company to serve the market with greater assurance. “This nursery is innovative in the sector as it has been conceived exclusively and precociously for tip production. It is also excellent quality and creates very healthy plants, which are permanently controlled”, ensures Hans Obers, the CEO of Planasa for the North of Europe.

The location of the nursery (Morocco) is key to achieving this desired earliness and to ensure the health and quality of the tips, given that the climate in the area avoids phytophthora, a very harmful fungus. “The dryness of the surroundings guarantees a healthy nursery and high-quality tips”, affirms Obers.

This new development from Planasa enables it to continue to offer highly attractive opportunities to the northern European market, a place where Planasa is highly acknowledged thanks to the quality of its varieties.

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