World Leaders in Cherry Tomatoes Have Something in Common


The Spanish provinces of Almería and Granada have secured their place as the top cherry tomato producers in the world, but what else do local industry giants such as Granada La Palma, Unica Group, Eurocastell, Miguel Garcia e Hijos, Grupo SCA, Hortichuelas, BioSabor, and Acrena all have in common? These consumer-conscious companies all produce a notably high-quality product, but they also go further than that. They are also leaders in innovation, quickly adopting new market trends and adding value for the consumer through new packaging designs.

The global food market has recently favored snack sizes and on-the-go packaging, with the global snack market poised to value nearly 2 trillion euros within the next few years. Among all sectors, fresh producers have been slower to adopt these trends. That is not the case with these Granada and Almería based companies, who offer different formats and product assortments to suit market demand. To easily incorporate new packaging formats, these companies have another point in common: they have all added Induser packing lines to their installations this year.

The new automatic packing lines from Induser were developed with this flexibility and growth in mind, for the first time allowing producers to offer different packaging options with the same packing line. Induser’s multiformat machines can just as easily pack a traditional punnet in flowpack as a clamshell, or even shaker cups and mini buckets with independent lids, which have become exceedingly popular. Changing between product formats is simple and takes less than one minute, so adapting for future formats is just as easy.

The flexibility to innovate and grow without large financial investments or renovations has not reduced the functional excellence of Induser’s packing lines. They still offer an efficient and fully automatic synchronized system from sorting to capping and labeling, high volume associative weighing within +/-1 gram, and careful touches like precision vibration, intelligent feeding, and delicate product measures. The company will present these innovations and more at Fruit Attraction in Madrid this October.

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