8th World Congress on Conservation Agriculture held in Switzerland during 21th-25th June

Congreso Agricultura Conservacion 8WCCA 2021 Def

During the days 21st-25thJune, the 8thWorld Congress on Conservation Agriculture will be held in Bern, Switzerland, as a virtual event because of the pandemic.

Such high importance is being given to CA globally and for Common Agricultural Policies in Europe that the Director General of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, European Commissioners as well asMembers of the Swiss Governmentwill be speakers in the opening session.

Conservation Agriculture (CA) is an innovative alternate paradigm of regenerative, ecological and sustainable agriculture that is replacing the degrading conventional tillage based agriculture worldwide. CA has spread globally over more than 205 M ha of annual cropland across all continents and land-based agro-ecologies. Global CA area has been increasing at an annual rate of more than 10 M ha since 2008/09, an area equal to the size of Portugal, and smallholder and larger-scale farmers worldwide are successfully carrying out ecologically effective conservation practices to achieve this remarkable agricultural transformation. CA systems are present in all continents and across a wide range of agroecologies in temperate, sub-tropical and tropical regions. Adoption of CA is occurring in all land-based systems in rainfed and irrigated agriculture, involvingannual and perennial cropping systems, including orchards and plantation systems, agroforestry systems, crop-livestock systems, rice-based systems and organic systems.

Conservation Agriculture offers a wide range of productivity, economic, environmental and social benefits to the farmer and society. These benefits include improved yields and yield stability and profit, optimized and reduced use and cost of production inputs including agrochemicals, fuel, time and capital, control of soil erosion and land degradation, enhancement of biodiversity, climate change adaptability and mitigation, and improved public goods and environmental services including clean water, improved watershed hydrology, reduced erosion and pollution, reduced water use, flood protection, carbon sequestration, nutrient cycling, reduced energy use and greenhouse gas emissions, and pollination services.

Click on this link to get the full programme https://8wcca.org/programme/, the welcome address and opening remarks by Dongyu QU, FAO Director General, and the Welcome addresses by the European Comission and the Swiss Government:·

  • Janusz Wojciechowski, Commissioner, Agriculture, EU
  • Virginijus Sinkevičius, Commissioner for Environment,Oceans and Fisheries, EU
  • Norbert Lins, Chair, Agriculture and Rural Development Committee, European Parliament
  • Christoph Ammann, Member of the Government of the Canton of Bern and Minister for Economic Affairs, Energy and the Environment
  • ChristianHofer, Director, Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture
  • ANECOOP: ‘El agua es vida’

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