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Airen marks the difference in La Mancha

This is the new development in piel de sapo by Syngenta and it stands out due to its flavour, maintaining a balance with the chain’s post-harvest requirements.

Syngenta’s melon catalogue has a new reference. It is the first commercial variety from a programme that has been developed seeking out the balance between flavour and post-harvest, following the company’s commitment to flavour quality and without losing sight of the chain of value’s needs (mainly large retail companies). The new development is Airen, a tasty piel de sapo that stands out due to its balance between the firmness of its flesh and its good conservation, both in the fields and during post-harvest. It has been developed to cover the late plantations segment in Murcia (transplants at the end of April and May) and medium plantations in Castilla-La Mancha (from the 20th-25th of May to the 15th of June). Víctor García del Águila, Product Manager for Curcubitaceae at Syngenta Iberia, explains that “on an agronomic level it has a very high commercial yield, great size uniformity (between 3.5 -4 kg, depending on the region and the plantation date) and a resistance package that includes powdery mildew and aphids.”

Syngenta’s catalogue for La Mancha is very complete and it is made up of: Velasco, extra-early, and Hilario, for early cycle; in the medium cycle, Batidor, Ibérico and the abovementioned Airen, without forgetting Sancho, a variety that continues to be a reference point for many producers in the region after 20 years on the market, and ending with Mendoza for the late cycle.

In watermelons, the new development is Kasmira, for open air planting in Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha, which is a result of the same genetic development programme as Red Jasper. Last year Kasmira was introduced commercially, and this year it will be present in large volumes. The variety intends to help boost the Jubilee type segment (striped white), promoting the flavour, a great bouquet and very crunchy texture, pleasant to the palate and seedless. For seedless mini watermelons, they are offering Bibo, a reference in its segment because “it guarantees size percentage and great flavour.” The Development area is working on a specific personal watermelon programme to find varieties between 2 and 2.3 kg with “flavour guaranteed and high taste quality”.

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