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Anecoop is celebrating 30 years of its Bouquet watermelons


Fruit Logistica is the setting chosen by Anecoop to present its next seedless watermelon campaign, Bouquet

The German fair is the place chosen to present its commercial campaign and all the actions that are on the promotional calendar for their seedless watermelons, Bouquet. This product positions Anecoop as the leader of the category on the European market and this year it will celebrate the 30th anniversary of its launch.

Its exhibition space will host a wide range of citrus fruits, fresh fruit and vegetables, all of it seasonal, and with 100% Spanish production, as the second-degree cooperative defends in its awareness and communication campaign “Portions of Life for the Fields”, which makes the strategic value of strong, independent farming more visible.

It will also have an area devoted to ready-cooked references, where it will show the line of spreadable products that it markets under the brand “Easy by Bouquet”, which includes classic and spicy guacamole, BIO guacamole, avocado hummus, chickpea hummus, Mexican salsa and new combinations with avocado that will be launched this year.

The “ready to cook” Bouquet para Preparar will present six new references that will bring together different “flavours of the world” to prepare them with products from here, local products.

The Bio product line will have its own space and it will show the new Bio Bouquet references and those from its subsidiary company, Solagora.

Exotic fruits are also becoming increasingly important. To classic and green papayas, avocados, medlars, custard apples, kumquats or mangos, pitayas have now been added, one of the projects that has awoken most interest in recent years. Accordingly, Anecoop has a project formed by a group of varieties that have been selected alongside their clients.

Growth of the range

Back in 1992 the first seedless watermelon arrived on the European market, unknown until then by consumers, who were won over by its flavour and the convenience of eating this tasty, sweet fruit without the annoying black seeds.

Since then, the Bouquet watermelon has revolutionised the Spanish production panorama for this fruit and it has become a benchmark in the category. The range has evolved, progressively introducing new varieties to adapt the offer to consumer tastes. Currently, it is made up of four types of watermelon: red stripy, yellow-fleshed, black-skinned with red flesh and the mini.

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