Greater safety and reduced water use

CITROSOL and KRONEN GmbH, along with the CNTA technology centre, have joined forces in the pursuit of greater food safety and sustainability

The aqUAFRESH project, endowed with 665,000 euros by Eurostars, is destined to be a watershed in the operation of the Fresh-Cut produce industry. The aim of which is to reformulate the current working system of the agricultural industry reducing both water and energy use during washing and disinfection, mitigating the environmental impact, and improving the food safety for the end consumer. The global result of this project is to provide the fresh-cut industry with a comprehensive solution, the aqUAFRESH solution, which is anticipated to revolutionize a segment in constant growth as is the fresh-cut fruits and vegetables sector. The Spanish company, CITROSOL has developed a new formulation within its range of Citrocide® products that will be applied in a fully automated way at an industrial level. This system is able to accurately manage the most relevant washing process parameters and to log the necessary data.

For its part, the German company, KRONEN GmbH, is working on the development of a revolutionary washing machine that will be the benchmark for a new generation of more efficient and sustainable washing machines.

The aqUAFRESH solution

CITROSOL is focused on improvements related to the hygienic washing and disinfection process based on the new Citrocide® formula. The Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA), will evaluate the antimicrobial efficacy of the new formula in the wash water over different fresh-cut products at an industrial level.

aqUAFRESH project studies the integration of all the essential parameters in the process chain, such as the effectiveness of the wash, the microorganisms load, the use of chemical agents, water use and its reuse with the consequent reduction in water consumption that could prove very important, the strategy of washing and the monitoring the disinfection process plus the preservation of the quality of freshly cut produce.

The project is funded by Eurostars, a joint program between EUREKA and the European Commission, co-financed by the Union Member States through Horizon 2020.


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