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Great solutions in tomatoes

HM.Clause’s catalogue combines references such as Cervantes and Dolcetini with new ones for vine, cherry and ecological

HM.Clause is offering a wide and interesting portfolio of tomatoes for the next campaign. In vine typology, the Cervantes variety mainly for loose harvesting (although it may also be harvested on the vine), is undergoing a strong growth due to the potential offered by its fruit, which are homogeneous, firm and with an excellent post-harvest, as well as due to the “call effect” that its high yield has generated. Last year an increase in sales was already being observed and this year the trend continues to rise. Juan Antonio Plaza, a Tomato Development Technician, points out some of its characteristics: “its plant, which is very open and photosynthetic, allows a very good continuity throughout the entire cycle, reaching the end with a high production rate, with quality fruit. Additionally, it is very interesting as an ecological crop due to its resistance to Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus (TYLCV) and spotted.”

Within the vine tomato segment, the seed company has the variety CLX44108 in a pre-commercial phase, which could be launched in 2019/20. With M-G fruit (slightly larger than Cervantes), it has very good vine symmetry, significant firmness and is bright red in colour. Additionally, the balance of the plant makes the variety, which has been developed for long cycle, offer good results in the winter.

Bearing the ecological market in mind, the company is planning to start trials next year with a new material, EXP 37921, with a view to covering the trend for flavourful vine tomatoes with an M-MM calibre. The variety, currently in a developmental phase, has a “highly symmetrical vine, very short internodes and it offers continuous production” of large volumes.

In the cherry category, the Dulcini pear type complements the Dolcetini line (leader in its segment and increasingly demanded on the European markets for its flavour and excellent conservation), adding resistance to Fulvia and Fusarium radici. “It is a highly attractive solution for ecological crops”, states Development Technician Manuel Ferrer.

The latest development in vine cherry is CLX 37836, with high production, a very attractive vine, an average calibre of 32 mm and optimum weight for packaging in 250 g flow packs. Organoleptically, its very fruity flavour stands out. This variety is already on sale and it completes the Genio, Creativo and Astuto offer, which are round cherry tomatoes that lead their segment thanks to their easy handling, resistance to cracking and above all, their conservation capacity (derived from their firmness), in addition to the versatility that they offer for different packaging and pre-prepared produce.

The “success” of Adora on the markets is also worth mentioning. “The project is being consolidated, the brokers are very happy with the variety.” It is endorsed by its excellent flavour and aroma, its texture and post-harvest, which is optimum for export.

Finally, in the Rootstock category, made up of Protector and Defensor, Clause is committed to “contained strength” on a market where most of the offer usually is surplus to requirements. “There is a great deal of offer, but choosing the right variety is essential for good handling. We recommend asking for good advice, where the variety’s needs and the farm’s conditions are considered,” Plaza explains.

For farmers in Almeria, Granada and Malaga who place their trust in Clause’s tomato varieties, there is good news. The company is giving a prize draw of ‘customisable’ holidays until the 15th of September. Don’t hesitate and take part now, ‘Take a holiday with HM.Clause’. For all the details, go to your official point of sale.

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