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Salmon-coloured flesh in Branco and Amarillo melons

This is the latest innovation that Semillas Fitó has implemented in its melon variety catalogue

For the second year running, Semillas Fitó has carried out some seminars to advertise its main commercial melon and watermelon varieties, along with those under development.

Over three days, they were visited by over 150 producers, marketers and distribution chains from different areas of the world, who could check out the quality of their materials and their level of innovation. Examples of this are two specialities under development, a white melon with salmon-coloured flesh and excellent netting and another Amarillo melon with salmon-coloured flesh, with a fresh, unique flavour. In addition, they devoted a space to typologies such as the Kirkagac melon in Turkey, where they are leaders or the Amarillos Mozia and Cayman, for Italy and the Maghreb respectively, where they have a good market share, Vasco Vital, Area Manager Iberia for Semillas Fitó explained.

Currently, Fitó’s improved vegetable lines are centred on obtaining new varieties with a high resistance to powdery mildew, greater strength and health, high production and excellent flavour, a factor that is becoming increasingly more important.

By typologies, Vital emphasised the Paredes variety in Piel de sapo for Murcia, a reference for early sowing due to its high quality, healthy plant with great resistance to powdery mildew, high production and excellent post-harvest. For La Mancha, varieties such as Manchego could be seen, one of the most frequently sown this year in the region.

In Amarillo, where they are a worldwide reference point for the entire production cycle, they have Robledo (early), Soleares (middle) and Cristiano (late) for Murcia and La Mancha, and they are developing new varieties that are resistant to powdery mildew that are still in a pre-commercial phase.

In white melons, Pias and Ferreira (also with high resistance to powdery mildew) have been leaders in Portugal this year due to their quality and production.

The black triploid Leonor is already on the watermelon catalogue, for open air and late cycle in Murcia and La Mancha. This variety has a high percentage of fruit with calibres of 2 and 3 and it is easily recognisable when opening it, thanks to its deep red colour and great internal quality with crunchy flesh.

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