FRUIT LOGISTICA presents European Statistics Handbook 2021

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Fourth edition of European Statistics Handbook highlights the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the fruit and vegetable market, changed consumer behavior, effects on trade with UK post-Brexit, and how weather affected food supply.

The latest edition of FRUIT LOGISTICA’s annual European Statistics Handbook has been released and shows just how big an impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on Europe’s fresh fruit and vegetable business.

“That impact was mainly felt in two ways,” explains the publication’s author, Hans-Christoph Behr of AMI (Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft). “A limited availability of workers, and a sharp decrease in out-of-home consumption. But despite the huge challenges seen in the past year, the fruit and vegetable sector in Europe has managed to supply its population with fresh fruit and vegetables, without major disruption.”

Due to the cancellation of its Special Edition, FRUIT LOGISTICA has decided to present the European Statistics Handbook as part of the digital event organized by its partner Fruitnet Media International. Hans-Christoph Behr will present several of the handbook’s key findings during World of Fresh Ideas, a free online event for the global fresh fruit and vegetable business that takes place on 26 – 27 May 2021. Among those findings will be an analysis of how consumer behaviour has changed during the past year, a look at what has happened to trade with the UK post-Brexit, and a summary of how the weather has affected fruit and veg supply. The free registration for World of Fresh Ideas is now open.

Organised by Fruitnet with support from FRUIT LOGISTICA, World of Fresh Ideas is a chance for the international fresh produce business to meet, learn, and do business. It also provides a valuable platform for companies to promote themselves in the absence of the Berlin show’s annual onsite exhibition.

As of now visitors to the FRUIT LOGISTICA website can download a copy of the European Statistics Handbook – free of charge.

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