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FuturPera: an already rich exhibition

The World Pear Fair will offer visitors a top quality and highly innovative exhibition and commercial opportunity. Four months before the event, which is to be held in Ferrara from 16 to 18 November 2017, the main players of the supply chain have already confirmed their presence at FuturPera, from nursery to product marketing. This is a sign that, after a first edition in which over a hundred exhibitors took part, the event has become a reference point for Italian pear growing and the organisers’ aim is for it to do the same at European and international level too.

Visitors to FuturPera will be able to get a firm grip on the latest news in the nursery field and find out about the latest trends on variety innovation, thanks to the presence of CIV – the Italian nursery consortium – and some of the leading companies in the sector such as: Dalmonte Vivai, Fll. Zanzi Vivai, Maccanti Vivai, Mazzoni Group, Pietro Chinaglia Vivai and Salvi Vivai. Their presence confirms the innovative vocation of FuturPera whose aims include the development of the entire supply chain, starting right from research into varieties.

The proposed exhibition section on the improvement of growing processes is also sure to be rich and of great interest. From this point of view, adhesions from companies set to present the new frontiers in the field of fertilizers, biostimulants, crop protection products and seeds are proof of this. They include Basf, Chemia, Scam, Sipcam and Valagro. These are “historical” companies within the sector which, particularly over recent years, have increasingly focused on releasing products with low environmental impact onto the market, in line with another of the aims of FuturPera, which is to promote top quality and sustainable pear growing.

The Ferrara Fiere exhibition pavilions will naturally also host a wide range of machinery for orchard management, harvesting and post-harvesting, able to simplify and optimise the work of the operators. And Agrofresh Holding France, C.B Agri, Hermes, Montini Group, Orsi Group, Sae Macchine Agricole, Selvatici and Tifone have already confirmed their presence at the show. At FuturPera the key sector of post-harvest processing could not be forgotten, with a trio that promises to open up new routes for product selection and processing: Aweta Sistemi, the Dutch Greefa, MAF Roda, the Italian branch of the international MAF Roda Agrobiotic group, and Unitec.

The second edition of the show will also be an important meeting point for buyers from the main importing countries and will focus on promoting the internationalisation of the product. Therefore, the main grower groupings who market and promote pear consumption throughout the world, Opera and Origine Group, couldn’t afford to miss out. Two important commercial players will also be present at the second edition of FuturPera, Spreafico Francesco and F.lli e Laffi Giorgio & C.
Alongside an excellent exhibition part, the convention schedule will also be high profile, with two conventions devoted to technical innovation and market trends organised in association with Centro Servizi Ortofrutticoli (CSO – Italy) and a series of technical meetings by Condifesa Bologna e Ferrara – and workshops, touching on “key” issues within the sector, from fighting the brown marmorated stink bug to fertilization methods, also looking at the prospects for pear consumption around the world.

FuturPera is an event designed and organised by OI (Organizzazione Interprofessionale) Pera and Ferrara Fiere e Congressi with the contribution of A&A Broker assicurativi e Bper Banca.

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