Purple Magic, the first purple broccoli

The seed company Sakata Seed Ibérica is presenting this product, which, with its high nutritional value and attractive purple colour, is aspiring to revolutionise the supermarket shelves
purple magic brócoli morado sakata

The result of 10 years of research, the first bewitching element of Purple Magic is its bright purple colour, but behind this is hidden the true magic: this colour is due to its high anthocyanin content. According to a study, Purple Magic contains a high concentration of anthocyanins, similar to those observed in strawberries and three times greater than those in pomegranates. Anthocyanins are bio molecules with a high antioxidant power and that are found naturally in brassicas; they have anti-cancer properties and they have been related to benefits for both sight and the cardiovascular system. Additionally, according to the same study, unlike green broccoli, it contains selenium, with the consequent beneficial implications for heart and muscle health. “When we develop a variety, we are not only seeking visual attractiveness, but we also want it to bring an added value with respect to the traditional varieties. In the case of Purple Magic, it gives us the chance to eat broccoli with a different, stronger nutritional profile,” according to Antonio Ibarra, the Head of Brassicas Development at Sakata Seed Ibérica.

Purple Magic is a real revolution for the broccoli market, as well as for the senses. In its commitment towards a better fed society, Sakata Seed Ibérica believes that this new variety will provide an added bonus when boosting broccoli consumption: “We are trying to get ahead of what consumers are asking us for and we know about the importance of colours and new formats in purchase decisions. We are attempting to make Purple Magic encourage even the youngest members of the family to eat broccoli,” Ibarra adds.

Purple Magic is the result of the challenge of smashing the trends in broccoli variety development, which over the past forty years have essentially concentrated on improving the agronomic behaviour in terms of adaptability, quality, yield and shelf life. It is a short cycle variety for harvesting in autumn and the beginning of winter, with a structure that is similar to any green broccoli with very fine grains and a domed head, but aesthetically very different due to its eye-catching colouring, particularly on the stem.

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