Planasa reports full year sales growth of 19% compared to last year

The key milestones to achieving these results have been: The development and market introduction of new blue- and blackberry varieties in all major geographies, the growth in US strawberry and global raspberry plant demand and, finally, the strong investment in improved nursery operations.

The Planasa Group has reported a sales growth of 19% against last year thanks to the introduction of the new blue- and blackberry varieties, the growth in US strawberry and the continuous positive trend in raspberry.
Geographically, 85% of these results were obtained outside Spain, which shows the importance of Planasa’s internationalization strategy. Moreover, the Americas region provided more than 45 % of the total turnover.
“Planasa’s year record performance reflects continued growth of strong demand in the berry market, even though the agricultural sector is facing a difficult international environment,” said Michael Brinkmann, Chief Executive Officer. “Our annualized recurring revenue demonstrates the value of our continued growth and Planasa’s commitment to innovation and sustainability”, Brinkmann explained.

The goals for next year are the introduction of new strawberry varieties in key markets, reinforcing technical support to help our customers make the most of our varieties and a specific focus in blueberry.

According to Planasa’s CEO, the main key to achieve this success is that “Planasa employees, suppliers, and partners are working hard to address all these challenges. We are proud to serve and support farmers with innovative plant varieties.”

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