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Patatas Lázaro is moving into Convenience Foods

The Valencian company is entering the convenience food business for the first time with two microwavable references (potato and sweet potato) with the brand Calixta.
CALIXTA patata

Patatas Lázaro has introduced a new brand onto the market to extend its portfolio. It is called “Calixta, la patata más lista/ Calixta, the fastest potato” with which the company is entering the convenience food business for the first time with two new references of potato and sweet potato.

With this new brand, Patatas Lázaro is responding to today’s consumers with attractive and healthy proposals that are close to consumers’ wishes. Aimed at a modern audience who are seeking to eat fast, healthily and with quality products, Calixta is ready in just 7 minutes in the microwave, allowing a natural product to be enjoyed that does not require any cooking.

Calixta is marketed in a single-material 400 gram package, 100% recyclable, designed for consumers to be able to close the packaging’s circle by putting it in the yellow container, therefore continuing with the company’s commitment to sustainability.

For Cristina Lázaro, Business Development Manager at Patatas Lázaro, this new launch responds to the company’s commitment to extending its product portfolio, taking into account the present and growing needs of the market.

“We know that there are consumers who look for ways to follow a healthy diet in their daily life and who, at the same time, are very demanding about the products they buy. This is how “Calixta, la patata y la batata más lista” were born, through which we want to reach this consumer who does not have time to cook, but who wants to eat well,” the executive indicates.

The launch of Calixta is added to the new brand from Patatas Lázaro, Papp!ns, which was introduced on the market in June of this year. The company is increasing its brand portfolio with these two new launches, in the same way it did in 2018 with the launch of AgriD’or, a product focused on the Agria potato variety: specially for frying and Freshnatur, a brand that reflects the importance of sustainability and innovation within the home, offering a range of agricultural products along with their star product: the potato. Accordingly, last year, under this brand the company put its first 100% biodegradable container for potatoes on the market in Spain.

‘Calixta, la batata más lista’, is already available in the chilled cabinets of the supermarket chain Masymas.


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