Sanifruit is launching its first post-harvest treatment for peppers

The Valencian company Sanifruit is making its debut in the vegetable world with the first and only post-harvest treatment for peppers currently on the market

The Manager of Sanifruit, Javier Biel, is excited and he asserts that they are “very satisfied with the results” and that this solution means an important step both for the company and for the market. Although the company is starting off its journey with vegetables with this product, Biel is certain that there will be many new developments and that they will continue to move forward in this world from 2023 onwards. “One of main strategic goals is and will always be diversification”

The treatment, which is “natural, biological and holds an ecological certificate,” has started to be used mainly on California peppers and it is applied after the washing or disinfection that is normally carried out.

It is called Sanipepper L and it is sold in 10-litre carboys. Rot is reduced by its application, as well as the weight decrease and also, a better visual appearance is achieved. Regarding the application, Sanifruit makes it easy, and a system can be installed for clients that adapts to any environment. The assembly does not interfere with the preparation centre’s daily work.

“It works best on red, orange or yellow peppers. The results are less visible on green peppers, because they are less ripe and tend to rot less.”

“We are talking about some differences of 80% compared to the control group. That is to say, with the control group 10% rots, but with the treatment a maximum of 2% rots,” Biel explains.

The executive states that it has been a “tough, but express” project, in which the experience and 30 years of research on over 500 substances have played determining roles: “thanks to that, today it is easier to obtain products, because we know what each substances does, which fungus it attacks, which type of skins are more susceptible… Because the complicated part is not stopping the fungus, it lies in ensuring that they don’t develop without killing the fruit.”

“This means an improvement in profitability and a considerable reduction in wastage for our clients.” Extending the shelf life of vegetables is a direct benefit for the warehouses that can see how the quality of their production improves.”

Unlike other projects, such as bananas, which they took 5 years to launch, the pepper treatment has set a new record. In just one year, Sanifruit has managed to launch its product and many clients, traders and suppliers have already shown a positive attitude towards it.

Debut at Fruit Attraction

 The Madrid trade fair Fruit Attraction will be the first important event at which the company will present this novel post-harvest solution for peppers, one of Sanifruit’s main strategies. For its presentation they will use technology in an original and innovative virtual reality proposal, in which visitors will be able discover in depth how the company works and the science hidden behind its products.

On the stand, guests will be able to watch a short video, of just a few minutes, using virtual reality glasses. “It is a very simple explanation, as if it were a children’s science class.” Additionally, they will be able to choose between three fruits and see how the different products act, how they manage to strengthen the fruit and ensure that the fungus does not proliferate. “They will see how we get the results we get,” Biel finally states.



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