The Productivity Control System, essential for companies

Dibal, the Basque company expert in weighing and labelling solutions, is presenting the new solution for the productivity control system, which aids manual packaging

The solution for productivity control for the food industry responds to company requirements where there is an important volume of hand packaging – a highly usual occurrence in the fruit and vegetable growing sectors, and it is essential to make certain each package contains the established amount of product within the validity limits. In this way, offering a product that does not reach the target weight or exceeds it and incurring in losses is avoided.

This solution by Dibal allows the hand filling lines to be monitored and for a general control to be carried out, by line and operator, to measure the levels of productivity and overall and unitary efficiency. Analysing data in real time or historic data to make decision-making easier (management of the productivity, losses and overfilling, and employee presence). It centralises and sends the data of the products to be processed from the management software instead of having to manage it display by display at each handling post and compiling the data both on the company’s server and in the cloud, making access possible from any device with internet access.

Furthermore, the company has automatic weighing and labelling equipment, with the new development, the 5000 range, which means an important qualitative leap compared to previous versions such as the 4500. This new generation has additional benefits, such as high-speed weighing and printing, sturdiness and durability, versatility and adaptability, modularity in the design, ease of cleaning and maintenance.

Its latest hand labelling machine, LP-5000, is built in stainless steel, with connection to a weighing platform of up to 16 cells (with an option for connection to a 2nd platform), 4”- long-lasting printing head, 8 dots/mm labelling system – up to 250 mm/s, and which includes a graphic designer for labels in the equipment itself.

The metal detector conveyor belt is fitted with the kit that guarantees meeting the demanding IFS/BRC food safety standards. In the case of any errors occurring during the inspection process and treatment of contaminated products, the elements of the IFS/BRC kit can identify them, mark them and stop the process activity in the equipment until this has been corrected by the supervisor.

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