AgroFresh solutions for persimmons

Preventing food waste and extending the freshness of fruit are AgroFresh’s main aims.

SmartFresh™ contributes to improving the persimmon management cycle, thanks to its award-winning active ingredient 1-MCP, which helps to improve the profitability offering firmer fruit for longer. SmartFresh technology helps to delay persimmon softening during warehouse storage, transport, and even when in the distribution chain on the supermarket shelves. It puts the ripening ‘on standby’, contributing to an extension in its conservation potential. The SmartFresh technology is particularly valuable when transporting produce over long distances, helping to maintain the freshness for longer, to satisfy consumers, reducing wastage and even allowing access to new, more distant markets.

AgroFresh also has the Control Control-Tec™Persimmon equipment in its catalogue, a controlled atmosphere chamber with CO2 that allows automatic programming and regulating of the entire process to eliminate the astringency. It helps in the optimisation, thanks to the automatic regulation of the injection flow. It also detects any anomalies during the process, carrying out safety analyses inside the chamber while it is being filled and emptied. It provides complete control over the conservation, ripening and astringency elimination processes for the persimmons inside the chambers, and it facilitates the observation and control of the environmental parameters in the chambers at all times, from any compatible electronic device. Likewise, its versatility makes the adaptation of this technology to different-sized chambers easier.

AgroFresh also offers the digital platform FreshCloud™; software that adapts to different crops, providing data in real time that may be accessed and processed wherever and whenever it might be required. FreshCloud™ Inspection captures, organises and analyses the quality metrics in real time to help obtain top fruit quality. This technology promotes accuracy and regularity in all the operations, with optimised and objective quality inspections and a smart visibility of the data from start to finish. It allows automated reports to be shared, simplifying communications during the operations throughout the value chain.

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