Algitama strengthens its local production

The actions carried out by the company in different areas over recent years are turning Algitama into a permanently expanding company.

The latest operation was the purchase of a new stand in Mercovasa, which will allow greater commercial expansion. “Now we have a better location, since it is a central venue in the hall and easily accessible from outside. The size of this space allows more storage space for produce,” Ramón Gil, an executive from the company comments.

During the summer, the Valencian company has used this location to specialise in selling local productions from Alto Palancia, an area where all kinds of vegetables are harvested, ranging from artichokes, Valencian tomatoes, Italian peppers and courgettes to aubergines.

This important commitment to local produce has been possible thanks to another of the expansion movements that the company carried out 4 years ago, with the start up of a warehouse in the town of Viver, where it performs the entire control process for its 25 associate farmers.

In the fruit category, Algitama is particularly well-known for its Algitama brand name melons and watermelons and, in the winter, for its leaved mandarins.

Algitama’s melons are carefully looked after from the very start. Their processing in the warehouse passes through several treatments: they are washed, rinsed, dried, they receive an ecological waxing process and they are dried again. “We started up the washing process 22 years ago and it is necessary for the produce to be correctly waxed,” the executive explains.

“We can boast of being the first operators who backed small melons, the Mini Oro, (Ricura y Finura varieties), with a weight ranging between 1.4 and 1.8 kilos and which has always been well received in the coastal tourist areas,” Gil explains.

Over the next few years, with the acquisition of new land around the present building, an important restructuring of the entire preparation centre will be carried out.

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