“The Red One with more Flavour” has a new image.

The Caparrós Group has always backed the idea of special, detailed marketing campaigns, in accordance with the quality of its Premium produce.

During this campaign it has released a new image of its seedless watermelon, Caparrós Premium, which has made a great impact on the markets.

“La Roja con más sabor” (The Red One with most flavour) has changed its promotional image towards a more refreshing concept, playing with red, water and art: red like the watermelon and water because watermelons are mainly made of water, a symbol of freshness. To prepare its new campaign, the Caparrós Group has used important professionals, all of them from Almeria.

Furthermore, as a new feature for this summer, Caparrós continues innovating in new products for its pre-prepared range and it has put its new Caparrós Premium watermelon cold gazpacho soup with Lobello pear cherry tomatoes on the market. A cold gazpacho soup with an exceptional, yet different flavour and texture, prepared using very high quality products, ready for enjoying this summer.


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